Terence S Hatton

Capt. Terence S. Hatton 41, New York City
Rescue 1, Manhattan
The highly decorated “Captain Man-Hatton” was one of 11 members of Rescue 1 killed when the North Tower Collapsed… As a FEMA task force leader deployed to Oklahoma City bombing and the crash of TWA Flight 800… Laid to rest at St. Charles Cemetery in East Farmingdale, N.Y… A section of E. 43rd St. is named in Hatton’s honor.

Fallen members of Rescue 1:
Capt. Terence S. Hatton
Lt. Dennis Mojica
Joseph Angelini, Sr.
Gary Geidel
William L. Henry, Jr.
Kenneth J. Marino
Michael G. Montesi
Gerard T. Nevins
Patrick J. O’Keefe
Brian E. Sweeney
David M. Weiss

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Author: Chris Carter

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