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Doing the right thing

Ronald_Reagan_1983On this day in 1983, Pres. Ronald Reagan took full responsibility for the October bombing of the Beirut Embassy in Lebanon that killed 241 U.S. troops. Contrast that with the lies, stonewalling, and passing the buck of the Obama administration in the aftermath of the Benghazi attack.

Of course, neither president was directly responsible for the death of American service members overseas; we must not lose sight that both of these attacks were perpetrated by America’s enemies. However the policies of both presidents and the actions of their subordinates certainly played a role and is worth further investigation (in Obama’s case) and discussion.

Reagan wasn’t perfect. No man is. But by taking responsibility for something that happened under his watch, President Reagan displayed a level class that Americans are unlikely to ever see from the man who currently occupies the White House.

I have fought against the restrictive rules of engagement in Afghanistan under Bush and Obama as part of the counterinsurgency doctrine. To be fair, under the Reagan administration Marines were not allowed to have loaded weapons during their peacekeeping mission in Lebanon, and were only allowed to return fire under certain circumstances. Had the Marines pulling security outside the barracks been locked and loaded, then those 241 Marines, sailors, and soldiers probably wouldn’t have died.

After the attack, Reagan withdrew the peacekeeping force. But why send combat troops to a country that poses no significant threat to the United States in the first place? When a president feels it is necessary to handicap our military’s ability to respond to deadly force in a particular theater, then we probably shouldn’t send men with guns in the first place.

In an age of terrorism, I wholeheartedly support counterterrorism. There are plenty of people who not only feel divinely inspired to kill innocent Americans, but also seek to do so. They must be stopped. But when we go beyond intelligence and special operations – putting “boots on the ground” – there has to be a legitimate reason.

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Are you better off than four years ago?

A great video from the Republicans on 2008 Obama and 2012 Obama.

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Bow to Nobody

Well said. Now let’s see the media and White House’s reaction.

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Does Obama’s jobs bill actually defy the Constitution?

The Eleventh Amendment

As discussed yesterday at The US Report, President Obama is peddling a jobs bill that contains elements that may actually be unconstitutional. But there appears to be more to the story.

The American Jobs Act states on page 133 (Section 176) that “A State’s receipt or use of Federal financial assistance for any program or activity of a State shall constitute a waiver of sovereign immunity, under the 11th Amendment to the Constitution…”

This strips state sovereignty and increases dependence upon the Federal government. And if it were to pass, this legislation would open the door for trial lawyers to sue the states in Federal court. Just follow the money.

Here’s what the Eleventh Amendment says:

 The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State.

Basically, this amendment prevents the Federal government from hearing cases brought against a state by a citizen of another state or country. But Congress – and the states themselves if they so choose – can abrogate this Eleventh Amendment protection according to the Heritage Guide to the Constitution (pg. 376):

Congress can, for example, require the states to waive their immunities as a condition for receipt of federal grants under the Spending Clause (Article I, Section 8, Clause 1).

Why would the Federal government need to suspend the Constitution in order to save jobs? And when did the United States become so dependent on the government for jobs in the first place?

President Obama’s proposed abrogation of the Constitution may not actually violate the Constitution, since…

[Except – read more at The US Report]

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NASCAR drivers too busy for President Obama

Unto the Breach Image

President Obama recently invited several NASCAR drivers to the White House to honor their accomplishments on the racetrack, but nearly half declined the invitation.

The invitees are the top finishers from NASCAR’s 2010 Sprint Cup. According to, which is sponsored by Sprint, drivers Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart are not attending due to “schedule conflicts.”

Last year’s champion Jimmy Johnson will be attending however, along with Denny Hamlin, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch (who was originally among those not attending), Clint Bowyer, Jeff Burton and Matt Kenseth.

It is entirely likely that this is being over-politicized as NASCAR drivers do have an incredibly busy schedule: meeting with sponsors, fans, photo shoots (which is what Busch had to reschedule), and so on. There is really no off-season in this sport. The federal government has become an unwelcome part in all of our lives over the last few years, but (as of this writing) Uncle Sam is not the largest sponsor in auto racing (they are the largest landowner, healthcare provider, employer, broadband internet provider, etc.).

But that all could change if the Obama administration deems the racing industry “too big to fail.” Then we would no doubt see something like a $500 billion sponsorship of a race team claiming to run on solar power panels – only to go bankrupt in a matter of months. And by then we could hear Carl Edwards thank the ACORN/SEIU team for putting together a great car after winning the Daytona 500.

My advise to the four holdouts is remember “Joe the Plumber” – embarrass the President and dirty political goons will go through your past with a fine-tooth comb, looking for anything that can destroy you. Call your accountants and have them cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Maybe leave your calendar out in a highly visible location with “Meeting with George Soros” or “key Rush Limbaugh’s car” circled on the day of the White House event. Make a point to be seen in a Che Guevara shirt. Get a “Had enough? Vote Democrat” bumper sticker for your NASCAR.

Just in case.