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A Canberra over Mt. Fuji

B-57 Canberra
Image of the day: A Martin B-57C Canberra of the 3rd Bombardment Wing’s 13th Bombardment Squadron flies over Japan’s Mount Fuji circa 1957. This plane (53-3836) is listed as damaged beyond repair and written off on June 4,1964 from Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. Click here to read more about the B-57.
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20 lesser-known U.S. aircraft of the Vietnam War

While you surely know about iconic Vietnam-era planes like the F-4 Phantom II or the UH-1 Huey helicopter, you probably haven’t heard much about aircraft like the Black Spot, Skyknight, or the Dragonfly. Although they aren’t as well-known, these fascinating warplanes played crucial roles during operations in Southeast Asia.

Hiller OH-23 Raven

The OH-23 was used as a scout helicopter during a time when the U.S. military was still figuring out how to best utilize helicopters on the battlefield. Ravens would scout ahead of friendly units, but were underpowered for Vietnam’s terrain and their skid guns (when they worked) weren’t adequate either. Nearly 100 of these lightweight helicopters were lost before the Army replaced them with the vastly improved OH-6 Cayuse in 1966.