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World War II Chronicle: 27 January 1942

The Greatest Yankee you haven’t heard of


Who was the hitter Bob Feller feared the most? You’d expect Joe DiMaggio or Ted Williams, but not Tommy Heinrich. “He never over-swung. He made a ball be a strike and he would swing at a low overhand curve now and then. Tom would go for the single and cut down on his swing with two strikes. He was a good clutch hitter and tough to strike out — it seemed he was always looking for the pitch I was delivering.”

As we see on page 2-X (the third page) New York Yankee rightfielder Tommy Henrich is one of the many Americans recently reclassified by the draft board. “Old Reliable” finished third (behind Williams and teammate Charlie Keller) on the American League homerun leaderboard last season and will be selected for his first All-Star game in 1942. On 30 August Specialist 1st Class Henrich joins the Coast Guard, serving in Michigan until 29 September 1945. He returns to baseball in 1946 and makes the All-Star roster each year from 1947-50. Continue reading “World War II Chronicle: 27 January 1942”

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World War II Chronicle: 26 January 1942

The Americans Have Landed

The White House reports that today, the first U.S. ground troops have arrived in Europe.

4,508 soldiers of the 34th Infantry Division departed New York City on 15 January, sailing through U-boat infested waters before safely reaching Belfast, Northern Ireland. As his yankees spend the next several months training, division commander Maj. Gen. Russel P. Hartle is tasked with creating an American version of the British Commandos — the outfit that would become the Army Rangers. Hartle picks his aide-de-camp, Capt. William O. Darby, to form the outfit. 34th Division volunteers account for most of the Army’s original 500 Rangers.

Over the course of the war, the three Naval officers mentioned in the daring raid near Subic Bay (see the front page) would earn five Silver Stars, three Distinguished Service Crosses, three Navy Crosses, and one Medal of Honor for valor.

Lt. John D. Bulkeley will command the PT boat that carries Gen. MacArthur (who celebrates his birthday today) out of the Philippines in a few weeks. Currently, Ensign John F. Kennedy (USNR) is assigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence’s Charleston, S.C. field office, but when Bulkeley is sent back to the United States after earning the Medal of Honor, he recruits Kennedy into the torpedo boat service. Kennedy will promote Bulkeley to vice admiral and picks him to command the naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba during the Cold War. Lt. (j.g.) Edward G. DeLong will perish in July 1942. George E. Cox will reach the rank of lieutenant commander and passes on in 1972. Continue reading “World War II Chronicle: 26 January 1942”

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Oil country

Just north of New Town, N.D. on State Highway 1804. At this stage of the ride, I am right around 1,420 miles from my starting point near Alton, Ill. (Google Street View image)

I am certain North Dakota has plenty of beautiful spots, but here I am almost to Montana and I hadn’t come across any of them. After spotting my first oil derrick of the trip, I came across this scene. The next few miles definitely made up for the last few boring weeks.

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Annual ECO BALL slated for Earth Day 2020

Global expedition leader says “big announcement” planned for the 5th annual event

By Alex Junes-Ward

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Global Eco Adventures, Inc. (GEA) will host its 5th annual ECO BALL at Columbia’s Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, Wed. evening, Apr. 22 – Earth Day 2020 – and will present awards for Environmental Champion of the Year, Environmental Legislator of the Year, and Environmental Educator of the Year.

Previous award recipients have included S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster; S.C. Sen. Thomas Alexander; famed Ecuadorian Olympian and naturalist Dr. Diego Quiroga; Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Kathleen Parker; and the late American naturalist Jim Fowler, host of the Emmy-winning television series WILD KINGDOM.

“This year’s GEA ECO BALL will prove to be one of the most – perhaps the most – memorable Earth Day event(s) here in South Carolina,” says Tom Mullikin [pictured above], president and founder of GEA. “We will be making a big announcement as regards one of our forthcoming exploratory expeditions.” Continue reading “Annual ECO BALL slated for Earth Day 2020”

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U.S. Army photo, courtesy of 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, 10th Mountain Division

I wonder if any military pilots (you’d have to travel around Mach 1, depending on your latitude) ever scored a flight plan that took them west where they could keep pace with the sunset.