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World-famous martial artist teaches kids to counter bullying in new book

Book Review: Victor Stops the School Bully (2020)

By W. Thomas Smith Jr.

Bullying, like all forms of physical, mental, and emotional abuse, is one of the myriad threats facing our children today with upwards of 20-percent to nearly half of all school-age children experiencing varying degrees of the abuse in the classroom and on the playground, and at least 15-percent having to deal with a radically-weaponized version of bullying on social media. Bullying is a societal scourge that is far too-often underreported (some children feel ashamed to admit to having been bullied) with victims often carrying the emotional trauma with them for the rest of their lives. And far too many children have resorted to suicide as a way out.

Writer, actor, film-producer, and world champion karate fighter KEITH VITALI WANTS TO END BULLYING. And his new children’s book, VICTOR STOPS THE SCHOOL BULLY, is a substantive means to that end. Continue reading “World-famous martial artist teaches kids to counter bullying in new book”

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Deputy retires, celebrates 90th birthday on same day

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Forty-plus Richland County Sheriff’s Department (RCSD) patrol vehicles, including two RCSD motorcycles, assembled at Cardinal Newman High School in northeast Columbia before converging on the nearby Waterford retirement community, Tues. morning, Apr. 21, where deputies passed-in-review before retiring Reserve Deputy Dewight Thomas, a resident of the Waterford.

“We wanted to do something special for Dewight who not only retired this week, but he turned 90-years-old on the same day,” said Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott. “Since we couldn’t have him celebrate with us at our offices because of the current COVID-19 threat, we thought we’d host a processional parade in his honor and for all the residents of the Waterford to see and enjoy with him.” Continue reading “Deputy retires, celebrates 90th birthday on same day”

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First-of-its-kind South Carolina expedition planned for July

By Alex Junes-Ward

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Pandemic shutdown aside, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Tom Mullikin remains hopeful and is working: In fact, he’s busy planning and conditioning himself for his next big expedition, this one no less ambitious than previous excursions but a bit closer to home. In July 2020, Mullikin will embark on his CAROLINA 7 expedition, a first-of-its-kind mission that will have the global expedition leader hiking the length-and-breadth of the Palmetto State from the mountains to the sea.

So-named for the seven geographic wonders unique to South Carolina, Mullikin’s route will include each segment of the Palmetto Trail, an approximate 500-mile stretch from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Upstate to the Ashepoo, Combahee and Edisto Basin (aka ACE Basin) in the Lowcountry.

“This will be something of record-setting expedition, not so much in terms of the time it takes for us to complete it, but in terms of the magnificent destinations across South Carolina that we will enjoy along the way,” says Mullikin, an energy and environmental attorney, former Army officer, and retired commanding general of the S.C. State Guard who has spent much of the last four decades traversing every continent on earth, climbing mountain ranges of the world’s seven tallest peaks (including reaching the summits of more than 20 mountains across the globe) and logging SCUBA dives in all the world’s five oceans. “This hike across our state will, I believe, be unlike any exploratory expedition ever done before at any point in our state’s history. Our expedition is intended to raise awareness of the unbelievably beautiful and historic sites across South Carolina – from the mountains to the sea.” Continue reading “First-of-its-kind South Carolina expedition planned for July”

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COVID-19 RESPONSE: Global Expedition Leader on the Current Pandemic

CAMDEN, S.C. – Energy and environmental attorney Tom Mullikin is not only working but training every single day, “without fail,” he says, during the coronavirus pandemic. He’s doing it while encouraging others and assisting family and friends in his hometown of Camden (one of the earliest-and-hardest hit regions in terms of the virus) and elsewhere around the state.

“Uncertain times like these are all the more reason to live purposeful lives,” Mullikin says. “To get through this pandemic – including the public fear of infection, of upended lives, and volatile markets and market predictions – we have to get up every day with purpose and drive, even if that drive is not naturally occurring at the moment.”

Last week, Mullikin – along with Dr. Tallulah Holmstrom, chief medical officer of Kershaw Health; and Kershaw County Sheriff Lee Boan – released a public service announcement, which not only raised the banner for safety and best health practices going forward, but the PSA encouraged the public to take heart and “be strong.”

Holmstrom and Boan both urged continued social distancing measures.

Mullikin said, “Kershaw County has led the way in our nation, since we fought and won our Independence, and we will continue to meet great challenges. We will lead the way in defeating the coronavirus through our responsible actions.”

[Please see –] Continue reading “COVID-19 RESPONSE: Global Expedition Leader on the Current Pandemic”

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Mullikin earns leadership honor

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Environmental attorney and global expedition leader Thomas S. Mullikin has been named among the 2020 South Carolina LEADERSHIP IN LAW HONOREES and will be recognized among this year’s class of honorees hosted by S.C. Lawyers Weekly in partnership with the Charleston School of Law, next month.

The Leadership in Law awards project recognizes accomplished attorneys “from across the Palmetto State who have achieved success in their law practice, made contributions to society and had an impact on the legal profession,” according to S.C. Lawyers Weekly. Of the 28 Leadership in Law honorees, one will be selected Lawyer of the Year.

Mullikin, who in addition to serving as founding partner of the Camden-based Mullikin Law Firm, is a recently retired commander (major general) of the S.C. State Guard. Today he serves as professor at Coastal Carolina University, a professor at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador (the school’s Galápagos Islands campus), and as chairman of the gubernatorially established South Carolina Floodwater Commission. Continue reading “Mullikin earns leadership honor”