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First-of-its-kind South Carolina expedition planned for July

By Alex Junes-Ward

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Pandemic shutdown aside, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Tom Mullikin remains hopeful and is working: In fact, he’s busy planning and conditioning himself for his next big expedition, this one no less ambitious than previous excursions but a bit closer to home. In July 2020, Mullikin will embark on his CAROLINA 7 expedition, a first-of-its-kind mission that will have the global expedition leader hiking the length-and-breadth of the Palmetto State from the mountains to the sea.

So-named for the seven geographic wonders unique to South Carolina, Mullikin’s route will include each segment of the Palmetto Trail, an approximate 500-mile stretch from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Upstate to the Ashepoo, Combahee and Edisto Basin (aka ACE Basin) in the Lowcountry.

“This will be something of record-setting expedition, not so much in terms of the time it takes for us to complete it, but in terms of the magnificent destinations across South Carolina that we will enjoy along the way,” says Mullikin, an energy and environmental attorney, former Army officer, and retired commanding general of the S.C. State Guard who has spent much of the last four decades traversing every continent on earth, climbing mountain ranges of the world’s seven tallest peaks (including reaching the summits of more than 20 mountains across the globe) and logging SCUBA dives in all the world’s five oceans. “This hike across our state will, I believe, be unlike any exploratory expedition ever done before at any point in our state’s history. Our expedition is intended to raise awareness of the unbelievably beautiful and historic sites across South Carolina – from the mountains to the sea.” Continue reading “First-of-its-kind South Carolina expedition planned for July”

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Annual ECO BALL slated for Earth Day 2020

Global expedition leader says “big announcement” planned for the 5th annual event

By Alex Junes-Ward

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Global Eco Adventures, Inc. (GEA) will host its 5th annual ECO BALL at Columbia’s Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, Wed. evening, Apr. 22 – Earth Day 2020 – and will present awards for Environmental Champion of the Year, Environmental Legislator of the Year, and Environmental Educator of the Year.

Previous award recipients have included S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster; S.C. Sen. Thomas Alexander; famed Ecuadorian Olympian and naturalist Dr. Diego Quiroga; Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Kathleen Parker; and the late American naturalist Jim Fowler, host of the Emmy-winning television series WILD KINGDOM.

“This year’s GEA ECO BALL will prove to be one of the most – perhaps the most – memorable Earth Day event(s) here in South Carolina,” says Tom Mullikin [pictured above], president and founder of GEA. “We will be making a big announcement as regards one of our forthcoming exploratory expeditions.” Continue reading “Annual ECO BALL slated for Earth Day 2020”

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Holidays not the time for less vigilance

By Sheriff Leon Lott

We are in the midst of the holiday season when most of us more-deeply embrace that which we all want: “Peace on earth; good will toward men.” Unfortunately, those among us with more selfish, self-serving aims will capitalize on the fact that so many of us seem to let-down our guard in our rush to get everything done and our haste to believe that all have the same sense of “good will” that we do.

They don’t. It’s an unfortunate reality that the level of crime and criminal activity ticks up this time of year. And this is largely a result of two dynamics. The first being that the ordinary citizen is so-focused on parties, shopping, decorating, cooking, additional responsibilities and events at church, volunteering to help others, dealing with heavy traffic, getting ready for family visits, and a limited time to get everything done – all-the-while working a double-shift at work to pay for it all – that they tend to lose their normal sense of situational awareness. Their caution drops.

The second dynamic is that the bad guys know this.

Add to the mix a dramatic increase in retail and online purchases, quick monetary transactions, drop-offs and deliveries, and you have the potential for real problems. Continue reading “Holidays not the time for less vigilance”

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S.C. Gov. McMaster, Lt. Gov. Evette to address public at Floodwater Commission event

By Alex Junes-Ward

HORRY COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA – S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster and Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette will address the public during the S.C. Floodwater Commission’s quarterly meeting and “clean up” day in Horry County, Nov. 8. The HORRY COUNTY SERVICE DAY’s events will also include a number of dignitaries and scores of volunteers working at four key worksites – the Conway City Marina in Conway, the James R. Frazier Community Center in Bucksport, the Socastee Park and Yacht Basin Landing in Socastee, and the Town of Loris Recreation Department covering the City of Loris and the community of Longs.

According to a statement published by Horry County: “The Horry County Service Day will focus on clearing drainage ditches, culverts, canals, streams and waterways in the area, The work plans include clearing trees, limbs, trash, and debris, and removing accumulated sediment. Three of the four regional work sites will include watercraft cleanup in the Waccamaw river and adjacent waterways where debris is hindering the free flow of water. Volunteers with boats/watercraft are encouraged to attend and bring their boats.”

The work is slated to begin at 9:00 a.m. and will conclude at 2:00 p.m. Continue reading “S.C. Gov. McMaster, Lt. Gov. Evette to address public at Floodwater Commission event”

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South Carolina attorney awarded associate professorship at top Ecuadorian university

By Alex Junes-Ward

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Attorney Tom Mullikin has been named associate professor at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador (the school’s Galápagos Islands campus) where he has served as a regular lecturer since 2015. The new professorship, awarded this month, comes on the heels of his also-new adjunct professorship at the Charleston School of Law where he teaches a course on environmental law.

Mullikin has for years served – and continues to serve – as a research professor at Coastal Carolina University. His new professorship in the Galapagos won’t alter his travel or obligations elsewhere.

“I’ve been teaching at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito for the past four years,” says Mullikin. “That won’t change, nor will my other teaching responsibilities. In fact, my experiences at one institution will only serve to enhance student learning at another.” Continue reading “South Carolina attorney awarded associate professorship at top Ecuadorian university”