World War II Chronicle: 27 January 1942

The Greatest Yankee you haven’t heard of


Who was the hitter Bob Feller feared the most? You’d expect Joe DiMaggio or Ted Williams, but not Tommy Heinrich. “He never over-swung. He made a ball be a strike and he would swing at a low overhand curve now and then. Tom would go for the single and cut down on his swing with two strikes. He was a good clutch hitter and tough to strike out — it seemed he was always looking for the pitch I was delivering.”

As we see on page 2-X (the third page) New York Yankee rightfielder Tommy Henrich is one of the many Americans recently reclassified by the draft board. “Old Reliable” finished third (behind Williams and teammate Charlie Keller) on the American League homerun leaderboard last season and will be selected for his first All-Star game in 1942. On 30 August Specialist 1st Class Henrich joins the Coast Guard, serving in Michigan until 29 September 1945. He returns to baseball in 1946 and makes the All-Star roster each year from 1947-50.

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