World War II Chronicle: 9 December 1941

Fearing they will be next following the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, jittery cities along the U.S. and Canadian West Coast begin conducting blackouts and in some cases sound alarms and report sightings of enemy warplanes overhead. Meanwhile, America waits anxiously for the next shoe to drop: a German declaration of war.

Headlines in today’s edition:

  • Air Raid Alarms for New York, Boston
  • Enemy Warplanes Over Frisco Bay
  • Fleet of Planes at Sea Reported
  • Seattle Riot Darkens City
  • U.S. on Lookout for German Move
  • German Help for Japan Promised by Late Winter
  • Pan-American Nations Back U.S. in War
  • Officers in Japanese Army Do Not Expect to Win War
  • Applicants for Navy, Marines Swamp Recruiting Offices

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Images courtesy of the Southeast Missourian

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