Never forgotten: Remains of over 200 Pearl Harbor sailors, Marines identified

On the morning of 7 December 1941, nine Japanese torpedoes struck the battleship USS Oklahoma, anchored on Battleship Row during the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. The massive ship capsized in just 15 minutes, trapping hundreds of sailors and Marines inside.

Crews worked feverishly to rescue the survivors, which could be heard tapping the inside of the ship’s hull for the next three days. Unsung heroes like civilian dock worker Julio DeCastro raced against the clock, cutting through sections of the hull to pull out dozens of men.

Two Oklahoma sailors earned the Medal of Honor: Seaman James Ward and Ensign Francis Flaherty both sacrificed their lives so their comrades could escape their battle stations. Chief John Austin posthumously earned the Navy Cross for assisting 15 of his fellow sailors out of a flooded compartment. Boatswain Adolph Bothne braved enemy fire and the hazardous waters, picking up boatload after boatload of survivors and ferrying them to Ford Island. Lt. (j.g.) Aloysius H. Schmitt assisted in evacuating a dozen trapped sailors through an opening, but when it was his turn to escape, he declined so that several other sailors that showed up as he about to be rescued appeared. Schmitt gave up his chance of survival so that others may live, becoming the first American chaplain to die in World War II.

Two members of the ship’s Marine detachment showed exceptional courage, earning the Navy Cross: Sgt. Thomas Hailey — wearing only his underclothes — swam to USS Maryland where he assisted in rescue efforts before manning a 5-inch gun. He then (still in his skivvies) volunteered to serve as a gunner aboard a flying boat as the Americans attempted to locate the Japanese fleet. Pfc. Willard Darling spotted the ship’s junior dental officer, Cmdr. Fred H. Rohow, as he was about to drown. Darling lept from his boat and kept the officer from slipping beneath the oily water until a launch could pick them up. However, enemy fire forced them to abandon the craft, leaving Darling to swim to shore, towing the exhausted officer to safety.

Sadly, due to the chaos and utter devastation of Pearl Harbor that Sunday morning, many incredible tales of bravery were lost with the men that carried them out, now known only to God. 429 men and officers were killed — entombed inside or disappeared in the harbor. The remains of Oklahoma‘s crew were buried in cemeteries across the island as unknowns once the vessel was righted, hundreds of families never having the relative peace of mind knowing the final disposition of their loved husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons.

However, the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, Armed Forces Medical Examiner System, and other agencies have identified over 200 of Oklahoma‘s sailors and Marines killed on 7 December 1941. Below is a list of those killed on USS Oklahoma. Names in bold have since been accounted for.

Since the United States Navy was not at war, the battleship’s anti-aircraft weapons weren’t even capable of firing back. The sailors and Marines of USS Oklahoma never got the chance to fight the Japanese. But they did risk — and sacrifice — their lives to save those of their comrades. These men were unquestionably Real American Heroes.

United States Navy

Marvin B. Adkins, GM3c (20, of Los Angeles, Calif.)
Willard H. AIdridge, Sea1c (20, of Sitka, Kan.)
Hugh R. Alexander, Lt. Cmdr.
Stanley W. Allen, Ens. (VO-1)
Hal J. Allison, F2c
Leon Arickx, Sea1c (22, of London, Minn.)
Kenneth B. Armstrong, Mldr1c (36, of Seattle, Wash.)
Daryle E. Artley, QM2c
John C. Auld, Sea2c (23, of New Castle, England)
John A. Austin, Chf Carp (36, of Warrior, Ala.)
Walter H. Backman, RM2c (22, of Wilton, N.D.)
Gerald J. Bailey, Sea1c
Robert E. Bailey, SF3c
Wilbur F. Ballance, Sea1c
Layton T. Banks, Cox (20, of Dallas, Texas)
Leroy K. Barber, F1c
Malcolm J. Barber, F1c
Randolph H. Barber, F2c
Cecil E. Barncord, EM3c (24, of Wilson Township, Kan.)
Wilber C. Barrett, Sea2c (26, of El Dorado, Kan.)
Harold E. Bates, F1c
Ralph C. Battles, F2c
Earl P. Baum, Sea1c (19, of Chicago, Ill.)
Howard W. Bean, RM3c (27, of Everett, Wash.)
Walter S. Belt, Jr., F1c
Robert J. Bennett, F3c (18, of Monona, Iowa)
Harding C. Blackburn, Y3c
William E. Blanchard, Bmkr1c
Clarence A. Blaylock, F3c
Leo Blitz, MM2c (20, of Lincoln, Neb.)
Rudolph Blitz, F1c (20, of Lincoln, Neb.)
John G. Bock, Jr., Sea2c
Paul L. Boemer, Cox
James B. Booe, Cbmster
James B. Boring, F2c (21, of Vales Mills, Ohio)
Ralph M. Boudreaux, MAtt1c (20, of New Orleans, La.)
Lawrence A. Boxrucker, F2c (24, of Dorchester, Wisc.)
Raymond D. Boynton, Sea2c
Carl M. Bradley, F2c
Oris V. Brandt, Sea1c (20, of Rensselaer, Ind.)
Jack A. Breedlove, FC3c
Randall W. Brewer, MAtt1c
William Brooks, Sea1c
Wesley J. Brown, F1c
William G. Bruesewitz, Sea1c (26, of Almena, Wisc.)
James R. Buchanan, MM2c
Earl G. Burch, Bkr3c
Oliver K. Burger, WT1c
Millard Burk, Jr., Sea1c (19, of Shelby Gap, Ky.)
Rodger C. Butts, SC1c
Archie Callahan, Jr., MAtt2c (19, of Atlanta, Ga.)
Raymond R. Camery, F1c (26, of Newman, Calif.)
William V. Campbell, Sea2c (20, of Elizabethtown, Tenn.)
Murry R. Cargile, Sea1c (21, of Robersonville, N.C.)
Harold F. Carney, MM1c (23, of New Diggins, Wisc.)
Joseph W. Carroll, F2c
Edward E. Casinger, F2c
Biacio Casola, Sea1c
Charles R. Casto, F1c (20, of East Liverpool, Ohio)
Richard E. Casto, F2c
James T. Cheshire, CPhM(PA) (40, of New Hope, Ky.)
Patrick L. Chess, SF3c
David Clark, Jr., Sea2c
Gerald L. Clayton, SK2c (21, of Central City, Neb.)
Hubert P. Clement, FC1c
Floyd F. Clifford, Sea2c (20, of Douglas, Kan.)
George A. Coke, Sea1c (18, of Arlington, Texas)
James E. Collins, Sea1c
John G. Connolly, Chf Pay Clk
Keefe R. Connolly, HA1c
Edward L. Conway, EM1c
Grant C. Cook, Jr., F1c (20, of Cozad, Neb.)
Robert L. Corn, FC1c (24, of Oregon)
Beoin H. Corzatt, Flc
John W. Craig, SK1c (26, of Dyer, Tenn.)
Warren H. Crim, F3c (20, of McMinnville, Tenn.)
Samuel W. Crowder, F1c (35, of Louisville, Ky.)
William M. Curry, EM1c
Glenn G. Cyriack, SK2c (20, of Pipestone County, Minn.)
Marshall E. Darby, Jr., Ens.
James W. Davenport, Jr., F1c
Francis D. Day, CWT (PA)
Leslie P. Delles, EM3c
Ralph A. Derrington, CMM(PA)
Francis E. Dick, Mus2c (20, of Maywood, Neb.)
Leaman R. Dill, EM2c
Kenneth E. Doernenburg, F1c
Jonn M. Donald, SF3c (28, of Ball Ground, Ga.)
Carl D. Dorr, F2c (27, of Anderson, S.C.)
Bernard V. Doyle. Sea2c (19, of Esbon, Kan.)
Stanislaw F. Drwall, Pmkr1c
Cyril I. Dusset, MAtt1c (21, of New Orleans, La.)
Buford H. Dyer, Sea1c
Wallace E. Eakes, SK3c (22, of Caney, Kan.)
Eugene K. Eberhardt, MM1c (29, of Newark, N.J.)
David B. Edmonston, Sea2c (22, of Portland, Ore.)
Earl M. Ellis, RM3c
Bruce H. Ellison, RM3c (21, of Pousbo, Wash.)
Julius Ellsberry, MAtt1c
John C. England, Ens. (20, of Alhambra, Calif.)
Ignacio C. Farfan, MAtt1c (21, of Agana, Guam)
Luther J. Farmer, MM1c
Lawrence H. Fecho, F1c (20, of Willow City, N.D.)
Charlton H. Ferguson, Mus2c
Robert A. Fields, EM3c
William M. Finnegan, Ens. (44, of Bessmer, Mich.)
Francis C. Flaherty, Ens. (22, of Detroit, Mich.)
James M. Flanagan, Sea2c
Felicismo Florese, OS2c (33, of Nabua, Camarines Sur, Philippines)
Walter C. Foley, Sea1c (18, of Brooklyn, N.Y.)
George P. Foote, SK3c
George C. Ford, F2c (25, of Lidderdale, Iowa)
Joy C. French, Sea2c
Tedd M. Furr, CCM (AA)
Michael Galajdik, F1c (25, of Joliet, Ill.)
Martin A. Gara. F2c (20, of Chicago, Ill.)
Jesus F. Garcia, MAtt2c
Eugene Garris, MAtt2c
Paul H. Gebser, MM1c (30, of San Diego, Calif.)
Leonard R. Geller, F1c (21, of Yale, Okla.)
George T. George, Sea2c (26, of St. Louis, Mo.)
George H. Gibson, EM3c (20, of Winchester, Kan.)
George E. Giesa, F2c
Quentin J. Gifford, RM2c (22, of Sibley, Iowa)
George Gilbert, FC2c
Warren C. Gillette, Sea1c
Benjamin E. Gilliard, MAtt1c
Arthur Glenn, MM1c (43, of Lonaconing, Md.)
Daryl H. Goggin, Mach (34, of Everett, Wash.)
Jack R. Goldwater, RM3c (19, of San Fransisco, Calif.)
Charles C. Gomez, Jr., Sea2c (19, of Slidell, La.)
George M. Gooch, EM3c
Clifford G. Goodwin, Sea1c (24, of Marion Township, Mo.)
Robert Goodwin, SC3c
Duff Gordon, CMsmth (52, of Hudson, Wisc.)
Claude O. Gowey, F1c (20, of Onawa, Iowa)
Wesley E. Graham, Sea1c
Arthur M. Grand Pre, F1c
Thomas E. Griffith, RM3c
Edgar D. Gross, WT2c (39, of Athens, Ala.)
Vernon N. Grow, Sea2c (25, of Ashland, Ore.)
Daniel L. Guisinger, Jr., Sea1c (21, of Everett, Wash.)
William I. Gurganus, CEM (AA)
William F. Gusie, FC3c
Hubert P. Hall, Sea2c (20, of Floyd County, Ky.)
Robert E. Halterman, Sea1c
Harold W. Ham, MM2c
Dale R. Hamlin, GM3c
Eugene P. Hann, GM3c
Francis L. Hannon, SF3c (20, of Madison County, Ind.)
George Hanson, MM1c (32, of Milton, Pa.)
Robert J. Harr, F1c
Charles H. Harris, EM3c (22, of Pine, La.)
Daniel F. Harris, CFC (PA)
Louis E. Harris, Jr., Mus2c
Albert E. Hayden, CEM (PA) (44, of Mechanicsville, Md.)
Harold L. Head, Sea2c (20, of Browning, Mo.)
Robert W. Headington, Sea1c (19, of Bay City, Mich.)
William F. Hellstern, GM2c (20, of Peoria, Ill.)
Floyd D. Helton, Sea2c
Jimmie L. Henrichsen, Sea2c
William E. Henson, Jr., Sea2c
Harvey C. Herber, EM1c
George Herbert, GM1c (37, of Fall River, Mass.)
Austin H. Hesler, SM3c
Denis H. Hiskett, F1c
Joseph P. Hittorff, Jr., Ens (25, of Collingswood, N.J.)
Frank S. Hoag, Jr., RM3c
Herbert J. Hoard, CSK (PA) (36, of DeSoto, Mo.)
Joseph W. Hoffman, Mus1c
Kenneth L. Holm, F3c (29, of Clarkfield, Minn.)
Harry R. Holmes, F3c
James W. Holzhauer, Sea1c (23, of Virginia)
Edwin C. Hopkins, F3c (19, of Keene, N.H.)
Chester G. Hord, SK3c
Frank A. Hryniewicz, Sea1c (20, of Palmer, Mass.)
Charles E. Hudson, WT1c
Lorentz E. Hultgren, MM2c (23, of Hoquiam, Wash.)
Robert M. Hunter, Ens.
Claydon I. C. Iverson, F3c (24, of Emmons, Minn.)
Willie Jackson, OC1c
Herbert B. Jacobson, F3c
Challis R. James, Sea2c (18, of New Boston, Ohio)
George W. Jarding, F3c
Kenneth L. Jayne, F3c (26, of Patchogue, N.Y.)
Theodore Q. Jensen, RM3c
Jesse B. Jenson, GM3c
Charles H. Johannes, Sea2c
Billy J. Johnson, F1c (22, of Caney, Ky.)
Edward D. Johnson, F1c
Joseph M. Johnson, Sea1c (22, of Columbus, N.D.)
Jim H. Johnston, F1c (22, of Wesson, Miss.)
Charles A. Jones, Sea2c
Fred M. Jones, MM1c (31, of North Lake, Mich.)
Jerry Jones, MAtt3c
Julian B. Jordan, Lt. (37, of Dawson, Ga.)
Wesley V. Jordan, Sea1c (23, of Deep River Township, Iowa)
Thomas V. Jurashen, Sea2c
Albert U. Kane, F1c (26, of Fort Worth, Texas)
John A. Karli, Sea1c (19, of San Marino, Calif.)
Howard V. Keffer, RM3c (26, of Los Angeles, Calif.)
Ralph H. Keil, Sea1c
Donald G. Keller. Sea1c (20, of Cambridge, Ohio)
Joe M. Kelley, Sea2c (20, of Springfield, Mo.)
Warren J. Kempf, RM3c
Leo T. Keninger, F1c
William H. Kennedy, F1c (24, of Titonka, Iowa)
Elmer T. Kerestes, F1c (22, of Holding Township, Minn.)
David L. Kesler, Bkr2c (23, of Berthoud, Colo.)
William A. Klasing, EM3c (19, of St. Louis, Mo.)
Verne F. Knipp, Cox (22, of Salida, Colo.)
Hans C. Kvalnes, Sea2c
Wiliiam L. Kvidera, CM3c (22, of Tama County, Iowa)
Duane T. Kyser, Sea2c (18, of Brewer, Okla.)
Ellioit D. Larsen, Mus1c (25, of Monroe, Utah)
Johnnie C. Laurie, MAtt1c
Elmer P. Lawrence, Sea1c
Willard I. Lawson, F3c (25, of Middletown, Ohio)
Gerald G. Lehman, F3c (18, of Hancock, Mich.)
Myron K. Lehman, Sea2c (20, of Gann Valley, S.D.)
Lionel W. Lescault, Bgmstr2c (28, of Massachusetts)
Harold W. Lindsey, Sea2c
John H. Lindsley, F3c (22, of Waukegan, Ill.)
Alfred E. Livingston, F3c (23, of Worthington, Ind.)
Clarence M. Lockwood, WT2c (21, of Smithton, Ark.)
Adolph J. Loebach, FC3c (22, of Peru, Ill.)
Vernon T. Luke, MM1c (43, of Green Bay, Wisc.)
Octavius Mabine, MAtt1c
Howard S. Magers, Sea2c
Michael Malek, Sea2c
Algeo V. Malfante, SF2c
Walter B. Manning, EM1c
Henri C. Mason, Mus1c (48, of Corwith, Iowa)
Joseph K. Maule, Sea1c (18, of Bloomfield, Neb.)
Edwin B. McCabe, WT1c (27, of Newport, N.C.)
Donald R. McCloud, FC2c (21, of Wayne, W. Va.)
James O. McDonald, F1c
Bert E. McKeeman, F1c (25, of Council Bluffs, Iowa)
Hale McKissack, Sea1c (37, of Talpa, Texas)
Lloyd E. McLaughlin, Sea2c
Earl R. Melton, MM1c (24, of Lakewood, N.J.)
Herbert F. Melton, BM2c
Archie T. Miles, MM2c (22, of Elmwood, Ill.)
Wallace G. Mitchell, Sea1c
Charles A. Montgomery, RM3c
John M. Mulick, HA1c
Ray H. Myers, Sea2c
George E. Naegle, Sea1c (22, of LaCrosse, Wisc.)
Elmer D. Nail, F1c (23, of Kansas City, Mo.)
Paul A. Nash, FC1c (26, of Carlisle, Ind.)
Don O. Neher, EM3c (28, of Kansas City, Mo.)
Arthur C. Neuenschwander, GM1c (33, of Fessenden, N.D.)
Sam D. Nevill, Y3c
Wilbur F. Newton, Sea1c
Carl Nichols, Sea2c (20, of Glen Alum, W. Va.)
Harry E. Nichols, SK3c
Frank E. Nicoles, F1c (24, of Eau Claire, Wisc.)
Arnold M. Nielsen, BM1c
Laverne A. Nigg, Sea2c
Joe R. Nightingale, Sea1c
Charles E. Nix, SM3c (26, of Danville, Ill.)
Camillus M. O’Grady, Sea1c (19, of Saline County, Kan.)
Charles R. Ogle, F1c (20, of Mountain View, Mo.)
Eli Olsen, SK3c (23, of Audubon, Iowa)
Jarvis G. Outland, F1c (22, of Murfreesboro, N.C.)
Lawrence J. Overley, FC2c
Alphard S. Owsley, EM3c
Millard C. Pace, F1c (20, of Vanndale, Ark.)
James Palides, Jr., Mus2c
Calvin H. Palmer, Sea2c
Wilferd D. Palmer, Sea2c
George L. Paradis, PhM3c
Isaac Parker, MAtt3c
Dale F. Pearce, Sea2c (21, of Dennis, Kan.)
Walter R. Pentico, Sea2c
Stephen Pepe, WT1c (43, of Bridgeport, Conn.)
Charles F. Perdue, SF1c
Wiley J. Perway, Bmkr2c
Milo E. Phillips, WT1c
James N. Phipps, Sea2c (24, of Rainier, Ore.)
Gerald H. Pirtle, F1c (19, of El Dorado, Kan.)
Rudolph V. Piskuran, Sea2c (19, of Elyria, Ohio)
Herbert J. Poindexter, Jr., Sea1c (24, of Jacksonville, Fla.)
Brady O. Prewitt, Sea2c (20, of Liberal, Mo.)
Robert L. Pribble, FC3c (19, of St. Petersburg, Fla.)
George F. Price, F1c
Lewis B. Pride, Jr., Ens. (23, of Madisonville, Ky.)
Jasper L. Pue, Jr., F3c (21, of San Antonio, Texas)
Paul S. Raimond, Sea1c (20, of Converse, La.)
Eldon C. Ray, SK3c
Dan E. Reagan, F1c
Leo B. Regan, WT1c
Irvin F. Rice, RM3c
Porter L. Rich, WT2c (27, of Lake Preston, S.D.)
Clyde Ridenour, Jr., RM3c
David J. Riley, Sea2c
Russell C. Roach, Sea1c
Joseph M. Robertson, Sea2c
Harold W. Roesch, Sea1c (25, of Rockford, Ill.)
Walter B. Rogers, F1c (22, of Bison, S.D.)
Joseph C. Rouse, Sea1c
Charles L. Ruse, Mus2c
Edmund T. Ryan, Y3c (21, of Wilbraham, Mass.)
Roman W. Sadlowski, EM3c (21, of Greenfield, Mass.)
Kenneth H. Sampson, Sea1c (20, of Kansas City, Mo.)
Dean S. Sanders, CMM (PA) (38, of Nelsonville, Ohio)
Charles L. Saunders, Sea2c
Lyal J. Savage, Sea1c (20, of Linden, N.J.)
John E. Savidge, Sea1c
Paul E. Saylor, F1c
Walter F. Schleiter, F1c (22, of Freedom, Pa.)
Herman Schmidt, GM3c
Aloysius H. Schmitt, Lt. (j.g.)(ChC) (32, of St. Lucas, Iowa)
Andrew J. Schmitz, F1c
John H. Schoonover, PhM1c (39, of Port Edwards, Wisc.)
Bernard 0. Scott, MAtt1c
Chester E. Seaton, F1c (20, of Omaha, Neb.)
Verdi D. Sederstrom, Ens (25, of Montevideo, Minn.)
William L. Sellon, Sea2c
Everett I. Severinson, SF1c
William K. Shafer, F2c
William J. Shanahan, Jr., SM3c (23, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
Edward J. Shelden, FC1c (29, of Hamilton, Ill.)
William G. Silva, GM1c
Eugene M. Skaggs, SM1c
Garold L. Skiles, Sea2c
Edward F. Slapikas, Sea1c (26, of Wanamie, Pa.)
Leonard F. Smith, Msmth1c
Merle A. Smith, EM3c (20, of Castle Rock, Wash.)
Rowland H. Smith, Mus1c
Walter H. Sollie, WT1c (37, of Myrtlewood, Ala.)
James C. Solomon, Sea1c (23, of Holdenville, Okla.)
Maurice V. Spangler, Sea1c
Kirby R. Stapleton, Sea1c (24, of Chillicothe, Mo.)
Ulis C. Steely, MM1c (25, of Whitley County, Ky.)
Walter C. Stein, Sea1c
Samuel C. Steiner, F1c
Charles M. Stern, Jr., Ens. (26, of Albany, N.Y.)
Everett R. Stewart, MM2c
Lewis S. Stockdale, Ens. (27, of Anaconda, Mont.)
Donald A. Stott, Sea1c
Robert T. Stout, FC3c
James Stouten, CBM (AA)
Milton R. Surratt, Sea1c (21, of Greenville, S.C.)
Charles H. Swanson, MM1c (35, of Maywood, Calif.)
Edward E. Talbert, Sea1c
Rangner F. Tanner, Jr., Sea2c
Monroe Temple, Sea1c (19, of Des Moines, Iowa)
Houston Temples, Sea1c
Benjamin C. Terhune, F2c
Arthur R. Thinnes, Sea2c
Charles W. Thompson, F1c (19, of Weaubleau, Mo.)
Clarence Thompson, SC1c
George A. Thompson, Sea2c (20, of Omaha, Neb.)
Irvin A. R. Thompson, Ens. (24, of Hudson County, N.J.)
William M. Thompson, Ens. (21, of Summit, N.J.)
Richard J. Thomson, Sea2c
Cecil H. Thornton, Sea2c
Robert L. Thrombley, Sea2c
David F. Tidball, Sea1c
Lloyd R. Timm, Sea2c (19, Minneapolis)
Lewis F. Tindall, F1c (18, of Nashville, Tenn.)
Dante S. Tini, RM3c (19, of Virginia, Minn.)
Henry G. Tipton, Sea1c (20, of Oil City, La.)
Everett C. Titterington, F1c
Neal K. Todd, F1c
Natale I. Torti, Sea1c (19, of St. Louis, Mo.)
Orval A. Tranbarger, Sea1c
Harold F. Trapp, FC2c
William H. Trapp, EM3c
Shelby Treadway, GM3c
William D. Tucker, F1c
Victor P. Tumlinson, FC3c (19, of Stuart Place, Texas)
Billy Turner, Sea1c
Louis J. Tushla, F1c
Russell O. Ufford, Sea2c
Lowell E. Valley, F2c (19, of Ontonagon, Mich.)
Durrell Wade, AMM2c (24, of Wentley, Miss.)
Lewis L. Wagoner, Sea2c (20, of Douglass County, Mo.)
Harry E. Walker, SK1c
Robert N. Walkowiak, F3c (20, of Oshkosh, Wisc.)
Eugene A. Walpole, Sea2c
Charles E. Walters, Sea2c
James R. Ward, Sea1c
Edward Wasielewski, Sea1c
Richard L. Watson, Sea1c (20, of Crossett, Ark.)
James C. Webb, F1c
William E. Welch, Sea1c (18, of Springfield, Ohio)
Alfred F. Wells, MM1c (32, of Syracuse, N.Y.)
Ernest R. West, Sea1c (22, of Runnells, Iowa)
John D. Wheeler, F2c (26, of Gathier, Ark.)
Claude White, CWT (PA)
Jack D. White, Sea1c
Alton W. Whitson, EM3c
Eugene W. Wicker, Sea1c (20, of Coweta, Okla.)
Lloyd P. Wiegand, Mus2c
George J. Wilcox, Jr., Sea2c (19, of Byram, Miss.)
Albert L. Williams, Mus2c
James C. Williams, Sea1c
Wilbur S. Williams, OS3c
Bernard R. Wimmer, FC1c
Everett G. Windle, Sea2c (20, of Kansas City, Mo.)
Starring B. Winfield, RM3c
Rex E. Wise, F1c
Frank Wood, Sea2c (25, of Jackson, Ohi)
Lawrence E. Woods, F1c
Winfred O. Woods, MM1c
Creighton H. Workman, F1c (22, of Riverside, Iowa)
John L. Wortham, GM2c
Paul R. Wright, CWT (PA) (41, of Meadville, Mo.)
Eldon P. Wyman, Ens. (24, of Portland, Ore.)
Martin D. Young, F2c
Robert V. Young, Sea1c (23, of Good Hope, Ill.)
Joseph J. Yurko,WT1c
Thomas Zvansky, CSM (PA)

United States Marine Corps

Marley R. Arthurholtz, Pfc. (20, of South Bend, Ind.)
Waldean Black, Pvt. (20, of Spearman, Texas)
Walter L. Collier, Pfc.
Alva J. Cremean, Pfc. (21, of Pueblo, Colorado)
Elmer E. Drefahl, Cpl.
Harry H. Gaver, Jr., 2d Lt. (24, of Annapolis, Md.)
Ted Hall, Pvt. (24, of Kansas City, Mo.)
Otis W. Henry, Pvt.
Robert K. Holmes, Pfc. (19, of Salt Lake City, Utah)
Vernon P. Keaton, Pvt. (18, of Lubbock, Texas)
John F. Middleswart, Pfc.
Robert H. Peak, Pvt.
Raymond Pennington, Pvt.
Charles R. Taylor, Pfc.

Ranks and Rates: 1c First Class, 2c Second Class, 3c Third Class, (AA) Acting Appointment, AMM Aviation’s Machinist Mate, BGmstr Bugelmaster, Bkr Baker, Bmkr Boilermaker, CBM Chief Boatswain’s Mate, CBmstr Chief Bandmaster, CCM Chief Carpenter’s Mate, CEM Chief Electrician’s Mate, CFC Chief Fire Controlman, Chf Carp Chief Carpenter, Chf Pay Clk Chief Pay Clerk, CMM Chief Machinist’s Mate, CMsmth Chief Metalsmith, Cox Coxswain, CPhM Chief Pharmacist’s Mate, CSK Chief Storekeeper, CSM Chief Signalman, CWT Chief Watertender, EM Electrician’s Mate, Ens Ensign, F Fireman, FC Fire Controlman, GM Gunner’s Mate, HA Hospital’s Apprentice, Lt. Comdr Lieutenant Commander, Lt. Lieutenant, Lt. (jg)(Chc) Lieutenant Jr. Grade, Chaplain Corps, Mach Machinist, MAtt Mess Attendant, Mldr Molder, MM Machinist’s Mate, Msmth Metalsmith, Mus Musician, OS Officer’s Steward, (PA) Permanent Appointment, PhM Pharmacist’s Mate, Pmkr Patternmaker, QM Quartermaster, RM Radioman, Sea Seaman, SC Ship’s Cook, SF Shipfitter, SK Storekeeper, SM Signalman, WT Watertender, Y Yeoman

Author: Chris Carter

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