South Carolina attorney awarded associate professorship at top Ecuadorian university

By Alex Junes-Ward

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Attorney Tom Mullikin has been named associate professor at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador (the school’s Galápagos Islands campus) where he has served as a regular lecturer since 2015. The new professorship, awarded this month, comes on the heels of his also-new adjunct professorship at the Charleston School of Law where he teaches a course on environmental law.

Mullikin has for years served – and continues to serve – as a research professor at Coastal Carolina University. His new professorship in the Galapagos won’t alter his travel or obligations elsewhere.

“I’ve been teaching at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito for the past four years,” says Mullikin. “That won’t change, nor will my other teaching responsibilities. In fact, my experiences at one institution will only serve to enhance student learning at another.”

He adds, “What I’ve gleaned in the Galapagos, I’ve been able to build on and share at Coastal Carolina, and vice versa.”

Mullikin has researched and lectured on climate change and other related issues at colleges and universities across the U.S. and around the world. He previously served as associate director of Law and Policy in the doctoral program at Northeastern University. And he has lectured at Oxford University (England), University of Edinburgh (Scotland), Trinity College (Ireland), St. Petersburg State University (Russia), the Institute of Geology at Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), Stanford Law School in Palo Alto (CA) and Loyola University in New Orleans, among others.

Mullikin also has spoken on the intersection of the economy and environmental challenges at international conferences such as the Woodrow Wilson Center Cross Border Energy Forum, and in Australia, Russia, Estonia, Taiwan, Peru, Argentina, Antarctica, Namibia, the Czech Republic, and across the United States in conjunction with industry associations and state and regional chambers of commerce. 

“Opportunities like my concurrent work in the Galapagos and at Coastal Carolina where I am able to teach up-and-coming climate and environmental scientists, and now
future attorneys at Charleston Law, have all proven to be the most personally rewarding ventures and educational journeys of my life and career so far,” says Mullikin. “I love teaching. I love grooming bright, eager, young minds who are striving toward an understanding and application of sound scientific approaches to climate. And I love the fact that much of my students’ and my classroom time is spent in the outdoors.”

In addition to his professorships, his law practice, and his continuing work on the lecture circuit, Mullikin is a global expedition leader (officially dubbed a “NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC expert”), a former U.S. Army JAG officer, and recently retired commander (major general) of the S.C. State Guard. He is also the gubernatorially appointed chairman of the S.C. Floodwater Commission, established by Gov. Henry McMaster in Oct. 2018.

The Universidad San Francisco de Quito is said to be the first totally private self-financed university in Ecuador and the first liberal-arts institution in the Andean region.

Author: UTB staff

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