Gamecock Basketball stars featured in RCSD PROUD

COLUMBIA, S.C. – “RCSD PROUD,” a brand-new hip hop video produced for the Richland County Sheriff’s Dept. (RCSD) and featuring former University of South Carolina Women’s Basketball standout Tina Roy and NCAA-championship winning head coach Dawn Staley was released Fri., Feb. 1.

“A tour de force of the department’s resources and community connections,” according to The State newspaper, the video’s vocals are rapped by Roy – today an RCSD deputy – who wrote the lyrics and otherwise led the two-minute, 45-second music track, as other RCSD deputies, units, Community Action Team cars and K-9s are shown in static displays, during training, and otherwise performing and having fun as tape rolls.

Roy’s former head coach, basketball hall-of-famer, WNBA star, and three-time Olympic gold medalist Staley also appears in the video as does Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, who makes two cameos in the track.

Staley, by the way, is a special deputy with RCSD.

Recently billed as “America’s Law Enforcement Agency,” RCSD is one of 33 law enforcement agencies, nationwide, which have been featured on A&E’s hit television series LIVE PD; and RCSD is the only one of the eight currently participating LE agencies which has been with the popular TV docuseries since it first aired in 2016.

“RCSD PROUD is something of an anthem, not only for the department but for the communities we serve,” says Capt. Maria Yturria, director of RCSD’s public information office. “This new video, I think, speaks to that community outreach.”

The video was produced and directed gratis by Kyle Hayden, founder of Hayden Media Company.

Like Deputy Roy and Sheriff Lott; Hayden is a USC graduate.

Watch video here –

Author: W. Thomas Smith Jr.

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