Congressman commends South Carolina’s free medical clinics

U.S. Representative Ralph Norman (S.C.-Rep.) visits the Community Medical Clinic of Kershaw County, S.C.

CAMDEN, S.C. – U.S. Congressman Ralph Norman presented to members of the S.C. Free Clinic Association (SCFCA) an official copy of the Congressional Statement he delivered on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives (Washington, D.C.) in June, highlighting the work and ongoing successes of South Carolina’s Free Medical Clinics and the SCFCA.

The presentation was made during the Congressman’s visit to – and tour of – the Community Medical Clinic of Kershaw County (one of 40 free clinics, statewide) in Camden, Mon. Aug. 13.

“The South Carolina Free Clinic Association is an independent, nonprofit membership organization that provides training, research, resource development and advocacy to member free clinics,” said Norman, who represents S.C. from the 5th Congressional District. “The SCFCA represents and supports our state’s network of 40 free clinics in 25 counties across S.C. The member free clinics provide comprehensive care to economically disadvantaged individuals all across our great state including those individuals who are both uninsured and the underinsured.”

Susan Witkowski, the Kershaw clinic’s CEO and SCFCA boardmember, said the SCFCA’s 40 member-clinics “tirelessly work to provide care and outreach for the working poor and uninsured across our state. We fill a critical gap in the healthcare landscape in 70 locations across S.C.”

Witkowski added, “Each clinic is unique as they represent the partnerships and networks that are needed in each community to provide access to healthcare. We are grateful that the vital work of our clinics to ensure medical care for South Carolina’s most vulnerable citizens is being recognized.”

In remarks delivered June 7, 2018, and airing live on C-SPAN, Norman pointed to a few of the measurable successes of the state’s free clinics – medical services for over 40,000 patients, provision of 118,000 medical visits as well as direct and indirect services valued at $108,000,000; all of which were accomplished through the financial support of foundations, community and individual donations, as well as the efficient use of volunteer services provided by licensed medical personnel – in 2017.

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“We thank Congressman Norman for both his visit, as well as his reaching out to us and his national recognition of the accomplishments of the free clinics and those who serve and support that network,” said Virginia Ann Mullikin, director of the SCFCA. “By maximizing resources and utilizing volunteer services by licensed professionals, our clinics are able to provide quality medical care to uninsured persons at no cost to the patient. The provision of consistent medical care will result in a healthier patient population and a reduction of emergency room visits – truly a ‘win-win’ for our state.”

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Author: W. Thomas Smith Jr.

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