S.C. WILDLIFE magazine crew films world diving expert for ongoing series

By W. Thomas Smith Jr.

CAMDEN, S.C. – Global expedition leader Tom Mullikin and son, Thomas, Jr., a master naturalist, were filmed demonstrating SCUBA-gear functionality as they discussed their climbing and diving adventures as part of an ongoing magazine and film series produced by South Carolina Wildlife magazine, earlier this week. The video interview was conducted by Danielle Kent, a videographer with the S.C. Dept. of Natural Resources (SCDNR); and Cindy Thompson, managing editor of S.C. Wildlife, at the Mullikin home in Camden.

Mullikin is the subject and principal writer for an ongoing series in S.C. Wildlife, which highlights his and his son’s journeys around the world – and across South Carolina (which he argues “is one of the most beautiful, and environmentally and archeologically rich places on Earth.”) – as well as his continued quest to become the first human to have SCUBA-dived in all five oceans and climbed the world’s seven great summits.

“We have mounted exploratory expeditions on every continent on Earth,” says Mullikin. “We have logged dives in every ocean, and we have climbed and summited many of the world’s greatest mountains. Our father-son expeditions have taught us a great deal both about the global environment and South Carolina’s lush sub-tropical environs — everything from our picturesque coastlines and beautiful mountains to piney backwoods crisscrossed with ancient, seemingly primal, river systems.”

Mullikin’s work has been featured and will continue to be featured in both S.C. Wildlife and its digital magazine for teens, http://SouthCarolinaWild.org.

The series, part of a year-long journal encouraging outdoor-fitness, exploration and conservation, will now include documentary film interviews.

“This series of articles and videos about Tom and his exploration team encourages us to observe the world around us in a whole new way,” says Thompson. “We are very excited about the July-August issue of S.C. Wildlife magazine — the highly anticipated Sportsman’s Calendar. This issue will include Tom’s article on deep-water diving, whitewater rafting and black-river paddling in the Palmetto State. He inspires us all to head outdoors and explore!”

S.C. Wildlife and S.C. Wild are the official publications of SCDNR.

– For more information, please visit http://www.scwildlife.com/.

Author: W. Thomas Smith Jr.

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