Ideology subversion: How the Soviet Union destroyed the United States

According to former KGB propagandist Yuri Bezmenov, the infamous Soviet intelligence agency devoted a mere 15 percent of their resources on espionage. The remaining 85 percent of their time, manpower, and money was devoted towards something called ideology subversion – psychological warfare.

Prior to his defection from the Soviet Union in 1970, Bezmenov worked for the news agency Novosti, where he says three-fourths of the workers were KGB officers and the remainder were, like him, co-opted into service. He repeatedly uses the term “useful idiots” for the carefully selected American journalists, professors, actors, and political figures like former senator Ted Kennedy, whom Bezmenov and the KGB welcomed into the Soviet Union, feeding them propaganda, and then using these leftist “political prostitutes” to influence public opinion and advance the Kremlin’s agenda worldwide.

Bezmenov stated there were four stages to the KGB’s ideological subversion. Demoralization began in the 1960s and Bezmenov states that the politburo never dreamed their efforts would have such a profound effect on the United States so quickly. Destabilization is reaching critical mass under the Obama administration. Next is crisis, which we are rapidly approaching, and then finally normalization. He explains what each of these stages look like in the video below, and even how Americans can overturn the process of ideological subversion. Although this video was shot in 1984, it explains precisely what we deal with today. The relevant part of the interview starts at the 1:07:00 mark, but is definitely worth watching in its entirety if you have the time.

Bezmenov decided to defect when he realized how evil the Soviet regime truly was upon learning that many of the most useful pro-Soviet figures (including many friends) he worked with in India would be executed once the revolution took place, “because they know too much” and could become disillusioned. He listed numerous examples of KGB-backed Marxist leaders in other countries being executed and replaced with a less threatening Marxist puppet once they were no longer useful.

The Soviet Union may be gone, but their extremely effective ideological subversion efforts explain so much of what we face in today’s decaying and irrational society.


Author: Chris Carter

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