Obama to lock up Army doctor rather than produce birth certificate

It appears the “most open and transparent White House in history” is willing to throw an Army doctor into Leavenworth rather than produce Barack Obama’s valid birth certificate. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin has refused to deploy to Afghanistan until Barack Obama proves his Constitutional eligibility by producing his birth certificate. From the American Thinker:

A devoted physician and military officer may go to military prison, to protect the secrecy of the President’s original birth documentation held by the state government of Hawaii. The secrecy of the President’s paper trail may be about to gain a martyr.

From Lakin’s website (emphasis mine):

LTC Terry Lakin has tried in vain to get the same verification from our President that he has been asked to provide countless times in his career, for many jobs, and to obtain a security clearance for the trusted positions he has held within the U.S. Armed Forces.

He has put his life on the line all over the world and served with honor, and will be glad to do so again, but only under a Commander in Chief he knows is legally eligible to lead.

Watch the video.

I know that if Obama is found to be a usurper, the country will likely experience unrest. I also know that we would be left with Nancy Pelosi as VP and Joe Biden as President, which in itself is almost enough to deter any steps to restore a legitimate government. But the fact remains that the Constitution says that our president must be “natural born.” And when the president is willing to throw a decorated Lieutenant Colonel into prison rather than produce his birth certificate, that path is the darker of the two.

Author: Chris Carter

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