Why I love British papers

While U.S. media is bending over backwards to ignore the connection between the Fort Hood terrorist and Islam, the Telegraph has this dandy of a headline:

Fort Hood shooting: Texas army killer linked to September 11 terrorists

Major Nidal Malik Hasan worshipped at a mosque led by a radical imam said to be a “spiritual adviser” to three of the hijackers who attacked America on Sept 11, 2001.

I bet the rent that the media’s next move will be to cover-up Hasan’s connection to the radical pastor, just like they did with Obama. I expect something to the tune of “Just because Hasan attended the radical imam’s services doesn’t mean that he buys into it.”

Meanwhile, pay no attention to the dozens of innocent casualties immediately preceded by “Allahu Akbar!”

Hasan, the sole suspect in the massacre of 13 fellow US soldiers in Texas, attended the controversial Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Great Falls, Virginia, in 2001 at the same time as two of the September 11 terrorists, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt. His mother’s funeral was held there in May that year.

The preacher at the time was Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born Yemeni scholar who was banned from addressing a meeting in London by video link in August because he is accused of supporting attacks on British troops and backing terrorist organisations.

So many American-born Muslims wanting to destroy America. Does anyone else wonder why? Certainly not the American media, military, or politicians.

Charles Allen, a former under-secretary for intelligence at the Department of Homeland Security, has described al-Awlaki, who now lives in Yemen, as an “al-Qaeda supporter, and former spiritual leader to three of the September 11 hijackers… who targets US Muslims with radical online lectures encouraging terrorist attacks from his new home in Yemen”.

How many other Muslims living in the U.S. went to al Awlaki’s services? Multiple members from Dar al-Hijrah have killed thousands of innocent American lives. But will anyone investigate? Heavens no – this is the Religion of Peace!

Author: Chris Carter

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