ACORN Steals Grant $ from Fire Departments

The Department of Homeland Security made $35 million in grant money available to fire departments nationwide, and ACORN nearly made off with $1 million of it.

ACORN was to receive the money until Congress (temporarily) suspended the group’s federal funding. In fact, ACORN was to receive 80% of the funds destined for Louisiana fire departments, and last year, ACORN took over half of Louisiana’s fire grant money.

ACORN is not whom I would consider as being qualified to receive grant money which was meant for firefighters, but I am a firefighter, not a bureaucrat.

What is the money for? I have yet to see ACORN bust into a burning building and rip anyone from the clutches of death. But we will never know. Rather than answer where the funds would go, ACORN’s spokesman personally attacked David Vitter, the Louisiana senator who is one of the voices calling for the funds to be sent back.

If you are as disgusted as I am, let your senators and representatives know.

Author: Chris Carter

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