Obama continues to kill jobs

More evidence that the Democrats only represent the federal government, not their voters.

A study for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that Obama’s trade policies could lead to the loss of 585,800 U.S. jobs and over $40 billion in lost revenue.

This despite the fact that Obama just said that his stimulus created 1 million jobs. The Chamber of Commerce had better quit paying attention to facts and figures, and start listening to the president.

From Reuters via Yahoo News:

U.S. failure to approve the deals with Colombia and South Korea could “lead to a decline of $40.2 billion in U.S. exports of goods and services and U.S. national output failing to grow by $44.8 billion” in the next year or two as Canada and the EU fill the trade gap left by the United States, the study said.

Author: Chris Carter

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